Monday, March 28, 2011

"Visas" Music Video!

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Say Word Entertainment



Music Video

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“VISAS” is RABBI DARKSIDE’s tribute nod to the international network of Hip Hop artists, educators and fam that make the touring world go round. From stages to couches to classrooms, the Say Word network spans 6 continents, 5 elements and countless languages. It’s all one crew, and this is the musical shoutout.

During summer 2010, Rabbi D had the fortune of hitting the road heavy. While touring, he shot a series of handheld one-takes of “Visas” on a FlipVideo camera. Upon returning to Brooklyn, he passed the footage off to an editor who cut this postcard-esque music video chronicling those travels.


“VISAS” from the album “Skillz To Take Brazil” (Say Word Entertainment 2010)

Written and Performed by Rabbi Darkside (S. Sellers / Emcee Scrolls Music (ASCAP))

Produced by Zajazza (C. Serge)

Video Edited by Rahum Brown

Filmed Summer 2010 in:

Amsterdam, Berlin, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Prague, Seattle, Toulouse, Washington, DC

Featuring Appearances by:

Farbeon, Gildas, Hired Gun, Jaro Cossiga, Kuzell DaSka, Locita, Lokey Photography, Zajazza

Contact: Samuel J Sellers / 646.733.8390 /

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