Thursday, April 21, 2011

TOUR DE FORCE: France 20 Avril - 2 Mai


Monday, March 28, 2011

"Visas" Music Video!

*****For Immediate Release*****

Say Word Entertainment



Music Video

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“VISAS” is RABBI DARKSIDE’s tribute nod to the international network of Hip Hop artists, educators and fam that make the touring world go round. From stages to couches to classrooms, the Say Word network spans 6 continents, 5 elements and countless languages. It’s all one crew, and this is the musical shoutout.

During summer 2010, Rabbi D had the fortune of hitting the road heavy. While touring, he shot a series of handheld one-takes of “Visas” on a FlipVideo camera. Upon returning to Brooklyn, he passed the footage off to an editor who cut this postcard-esque music video chronicling those travels.


“VISAS” from the album “Skillz To Take Brazil” (Say Word Entertainment 2010)

Written and Performed by Rabbi Darkside (S. Sellers / Emcee Scrolls Music (ASCAP))

Produced by Zajazza (C. Serge)

Video Edited by Rahum Brown

Filmed Summer 2010 in:

Amsterdam, Berlin, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Prague, Seattle, Toulouse, Washington, DC

Featuring Appearances by:

Farbeon, Gildas, Hired Gun, Jaro Cossiga, Kuzell DaSka, Locita, Lokey Photography, Zajazza

Contact: Samuel J Sellers / 646.733.8390 /

Monday, January 3, 2011

Darkside of 2010 - FREE Mixtape Download

Darkside of 2010 Mixtape is a compilation of the additions to the Rabbi D catalog from 2010: unreleased new material, collaborations, live freestyles, tour-only releases, international jams... I took the best of the best and created a 65 minute continuous play mix that I also DJ'd. Following up on last year's precedent, I rap, DJ and beatbox on this project. It features some of my dearest friends, comrades and favorite emcees, not to mention some gifted musicians in improv and overseas vibes from France, Denmark, Germany and Spain. Thanks for taking the time to stream or download!

Darkside of 2010 Tracklisting

1) Darkside of 2010 Intro

2) L’Essence – Rabbi Darkside & Fish Le Rouge (prod by Zajazza)

3) Visas – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Zajazza)

4) The Best (Dirt E. Dutch Remix) - Breez Evahflowin’ feat. Core Rhythm, Infinito 2017, Freestyle, Rabbi Darkside, Homeboy Sandman, Atari Blitzkrieg, Agent 23 & Dacapo

5) Thank Hip Hop (Hip Hop Megamix) – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Rabbi D)

6) Greener Grass – LMNZ feat. Rabbi Darkside, Mauikai, Cory Braun (prod by LMNZ)

7) Ex-Patriotism (Santos Party House Mash) – Core Rhythm feat Rabbi Darkside (prod by Core Rhythm; live accompaniment by Yako 440 & DJ Marcus)

8) Who Got The? – Above/Below feat. Rabbi Darkside (prod by Above/Below)

9) Let’s Get Ill Remix – BadBoe feat. Rabbi Darkside (prod/cuts by BadBoe)

10) Shithappens – Rabbi Darkside & Farbeon (prod by Rabbi D, Farbeon, Tim E.I., , Fly)

11) Deep End – Doron Lev, Rabbi Darkside, J-Essential (prod by J-Essential)

12) Like It’s Easy – Rabbi Darkside, Tidal Friction, Rhyson Hall (prod by Mista Mayday & Unpaid Bill)

13) 2nd Last Freestyle Mondays @ Sin Sin Freestyle – Rabbi Darkside, Nyle (music by FM Band)

14) Running With Scissors – Gravity feat. Ill Spokinn & Rabbi Darkside (prod by Gravity)

15) Waiter – Josiah Hotwire, Rabbi Darkside, Fayabraz (prod by Fayabraz)

16) Scared of Hipsters (269 Edit) – Heywood feat. Rabbi Darkside (prod by Heywood)

17) Pharaohs of the 80’s – Kamikizae Picnic, BS, Rabbi Darkside (prod/cuts by Kamikaze Picnic)

18) Rap Acelerado Outerlude – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Zajazza)

19) Thank Hip Hop Remix - Mista Mayday, Hired Gun, Angel D, Appl Juic, Farbeon, Rabbi Darkside, Doron Lev, Dyalekt, Caits Meissner (Produced by Mista Mayday & Unpaid Bill, alto sax by Kevin Thornton)