Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Berlin Get The F**K UP: Czech this out

In the span of a week, we've gone from 80+ F degrees on the Mediterranean in Marseille, to Toulouse, to Paris, to Berlin, and now have landed in the 39 F degree Czech Republic. Fortunately, the shows keep getting hotter and hotter, so I ain't complaining! 5 shows and 5 cities (not to mention 3 countries) in 7 days. Train to a car to a plane to a plane to a train. Much love to the Hired Gun (, who bounced back Stateside after we demolished Berlin. That was damn near the most fun I've ever had on stage in my life! In fact, why don't y'all take a gander at how it started... (just the intro; saving the set footage for the highlight reel:)

We've got a flat in the outskirts of Prague for the time here. It's been great to catch up with the ever-evolving Man/Brand that is Jaro Cossiga. He's currently on tour with the FIBA World Women's Basketball Championships here in the Czech Republic, staging a beatbox exhibition outside the games on a streetball court. Last night he had us up to his weekly radio show on Radio Spin, "Street Cypher," where we brought the cypher inside and had a cool 2 hours to rhyme, DJ, chop it up on a range of Hip Hop topics and just vibe. Streaming audio coming soon.

Looking very very forward to seeing the rest of the Beat Apetit/Hob-n-Nob/DaSka family tonight at the show at Klub Kostel. First time back rocking the Czech in over a year... Bringing it hard tonight! Then on Friday we're off to the mountain hometown of Jaro (Mimon) to rock it out for the small towners.


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